POSIT Alert Hits New International Trading Records

January 2015 Record Value Traded in Europe, Asia Pacific, Canada, Latin America

NEW YORK, Feb. 11, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ITG (NYSE:ITG) a leading execution and research broker, today announced that POSIT Alert® hit new records in January 2015 for value traded in Europe, Asia Pacific, Canada and Latin America. Global POSIT Alert crossed block equity trades with total notional value of approximately $25 billion.  POSIT Alert is a premier global platform for sourcing large blocks of liquidity, actively alerting buyside traders to liquidity that matches orders on their trade blotter.  Buyside traders use POSIT Alert to prevent information leakage, maximize liquidity and reduce market impact by matching at the midpoint without the need for negotiation. 

POSIT Alert added 62 new institutions in 2014. The platform now connects more than 500 buyside institutions worldwide.  It is available directly via FIX connection and is integrated into all major EMS and OMS providers.  POSIT Alert is available in 34 countries, with the addition in 2014 of Brazil, Korea, Turkey and the Philippines.  The addition of new clients, upgraded OMS and EMS integration and extended reach into global markets resulted in a 25% increase in match indications in January 2015 vs. January 2014 for US equity trading users.

"Our strong momentum with POSIT Alert demonstrates the continued value of natural block liquidity in today's dynamic global equity market structure," said Jamie Selway, ITG Managing Director and Head of Electronic Brokerage.  "In 2015, we will continue to invest in POSIT Alert to address a fundamental challenge faced by our clients:  anonymous access to substantial liquidity on a global basis."

POSIT Alert average trade sizes, excluding algorithms, are currently 37,000 shares in the U.S. and 38,000 shares in Canada.  Average trade value in POSIT Alert is approximately $1.1 million in Europe, $950,000 in Asia Pacific and $760,000 in Latin America. For more information about accessing global POSIT Alert and ITG's full suite of electronic brokerage capabilities, contact or visit

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