ITG Adds “Active” To Its European Suite of Algorithms

Investment Technology Group, the technology based trading and research services company, today announced the addition of the Active algorithm to the ITG Algorithms™ suite of trading tools in Europe.

ITG's Active algorithm, part of a sophisticated suite of trading strategies, analyses market conditions and depth-of-order books to make its trading decisions. The algorithm's flexible approach capitalises on trading opportunities to outperform the arrival mid-price. To accomplish this, it provides liquidity to capture the spread, while releasing carefully timed opportunistic orders to ensure trading completes as anticipated. Its sophisticated anti-gaming logic helps to protect orders against predatory practices, information leakage and adverse price movements.

Commenting, Rob Boardman, Head of Algorithmic Trading for ITG in Europe, said:
"Managing multiple orders in an increasingly complex marketplace is a challenge to institutional traders and ITG is committed to adding features and functionality to its algorithmic trading tools. Using feedback from several leading buy-side institutions, ITG has developed Active which accesses POSIT®, ITG's dark liquidity pool, to search for non-displayed liquidity. We are confident Active will be well received at a time when demand for Best Execution requires a more flexible and accurate approach to trading stocks, particularly in volatile markets."

A pioneer in algorithmic trading, ITG offers some of the most sophisticated automated strategies available - all aimed at reducing market impact, maximising execution quality, and improving overall trading performance. ITG is recognised globally as a leading provider of algorithmic trading services. ITG's Active algorithm is also available in North America.

For more information please call Katherine Ford on 020 7670 4030

About ITG®
ITG® is a global brand that, in Europe, refers to Investment Technology Group Europe Limited (“ITGEL”) and/or its parent company, Investment Technology Group Limited (“ITGL”). ITGL and ITGEL are authorised by the Irish Financial Regulator under the European Communities (Markets in Financial Instruments) Regulations 2007 and provide services within other member states in accordance with the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive. ITGL is a member of the London Stock Exchange, Deutsche Börse and Euronext and operates POSIT®, the multilateral trading facility. ITGEL London Branch is regulated by the Financial Services Authority for the conduct of investment business in the UK. Website:

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