Investment Technology Group Announces Launch of MATCH Now in Canada

TORONTO, July 16, 2007 – Investment Technology Group, Inc. (NYSE: ITG), a leading provider of technology-based trading services and transaction research, today announced the launch of MATCH NowSM, an alternative market that offers continuous, price-improved matching for dealers and clients trading Canadian equities.

MATCH Now is a product offering of TriAct Canada Marketplace LP (“TriAct”), a subsidiary of ITG Canada Corp. Orders for TSX-listed securities can be matched passively or swept through MATCH Now to the TSX or any another public marketplace. Executions occur inside the Canadian bid-offer spread. MATCH Now is a broker-neutral facility; TriAct does not participate as agent or principal in any trade.

“MATCH Now offers Canadian dealers and their clients a new method for matching equity orders with complete confidentiality while helping to ensure best execution,” said Wendy Rudd, CEO of TriAct. “As the Canadian marketplace continues to evolve, customers are seeking alternative liquidity destinations to efficiently meet their trading needs.”

“MATCH Now is a natural extension of ITG's global product suite, offering our clients continuous access to a new Canadian liquidity pool,” said Nick Thadaney, CEO of ITG Canada Corp.

TSX Datalinx, a division of TSX Inc., will distribute MATCH Now market data. MATCH Now will connect to LinxPointOne™, TSX Datalinx's data distribution product which provides global distribution of real-time market data via one point of contact.

About TriAct Canada Marketplace
TriAct Canada Marketplace LP (member IDA, CIPF) offers specialized marketplaces and order execution services to meet the unique needs of the Canadian securities industry. Operating strictly on a broker-neutral basis, TriAct facilitates the matching of buyers and sellers, never participating on an agency or proprietary basis in any trade. TriAct strives to offer better execution to institutional, proprietary and retail customers alike. TriAct is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Investment Technology Group, Inc. (NYSE:ITG). To obtain more information, please visit

About Investment Technology Group
Investment Technology Group, Inc. (NYSE:ITG), is a specialized agency brokerage and technology firm that partners with clients globally to provide innovative solutions spanning the entire investment process. A pioneer in electronic trading, ITG has a unique approach that combines pre-trade analysis, order management, trade execution, and post-trade evaluation to provide clients with continuous improvements in trading and cost efficiency. The firm is headquartered in New York with offices in North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific regions. ITG operates in Canada through its wholly-owned subsidiary, ITG Canada Corp. (member IDA, CIPF). For more information on ITG, please visit

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