Early Consumer Results for T-Mobile Jump! Program

New ITG Market Research Report Finds Flagship Devices Benefit the Most

NEW YORK, Aug. 7, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ITG Market Research today released the results of its latest Early Upgrade Report showing Jump! customers are utilizing the program's early upgrade option to upgrade to the newest flagship devices at significantly higher rates than the customer base as a whole. Since April, the Samsung Galaxy S5 has captured 25% to 30% of all T-Mobile sales each month but captured 40% to 45% of customers upgrading early via Jump! while the HTC One M8 captured 3% to 4% of total handset sales but 5% to 6% of customers upgrading early via Jump!.

Smartphone owners who signed up for T-Mobile's Jump! program last year became eligible to upgrade to a new device this year. The launch of highly publicized flagship devices has had a direct impact on upgrade decisions made by Jump! customers. As the tables below illustrate, Samsung's recapture rate (i.e. existing Samsung customers purchasing another Samsung handset) soared with the launch of Galaxy S5 in April. Additionally, we observed that prior iPhone users jumped to Samsung at significantly higher rates after the launch. Apple owners who bought the iPhone 5 in 2013 and decided to take advantage of their Jump! upgrade in April were evenly split between the iPhone 5S and the new Galaxy S5.

Original Apple Smartphone Owners   Original Samsung Smartphone Owners
Upgrade Month to Apple to LG to Samsung   Upgrade Month to Apple to LG to Samsung
Mar-14 50% 12% 25%   Mar-14 21% 15% 51%
Apr-14 44% 4% 43%   Apr-14 9% 5% 80%
May-14 49% 5% 37%   May-14 9% 7% 76%
Jun-14 39% 10% 39%   Jun-14 11% 10% 70%
Source: ITG Market Research

While the share of Jump! upgraders who chose iPhones has not rebounded meaningfully since the S5 launch, more original Apple and Samsung owners have been using Jump! to move to LG's G2 and new L90 recently. "LG appears to be gaining traction and with the launch of the G3 in July, LG has the chance to gain more attention and share in advance of the iPhone 6 this fall," according to Gary Cohen, Director of ITG Market Research.

The ITG Market Research Monthly Early Upgrade Report tracks the advent of the US Carriers' handset purchase installment plans (Verizon Edge, AT&T Next, T-Mobile Jump! and Sprint Framily/Easy Pay). Key metrics tracked are: Attach Rate (% of subscribers who sign up), Time to Convert (days on plan before exercising the upgrade option) and Flow Share (tracking the device traded in and the new device chosen).

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